Aforismi e citazioni 3

Fabrizio M. Rossi [text]

Oggi offriamo tre degli “undici gradini” che descrivono November Steps, una delle opere di Takemitsu Toru (1930-1996) contenute in Spirit Garden – Orchestral Works (cd Brilliant). Buon ascolto.

«3. Sound in western music ambulates horizontally. But the sound of the shakuhachi* stands upright like a tree.

4. Are you aware that the ultimate sound sought after in performance by the shakuhachi master is that produced when the wind blows through an aged bamboo thicket?

6. A biologist once remarked suggestively that dolphins communicate with each other not through sound itself but through the length of the silences between individual sounds.»

Takemitsu Toru

*flauto dritto giapponese.

Biografia e opere di Takemitsu
Rain Tree

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